About Leonie – Travel Sketching
Art is my profession, my interest, my pastime and my passion. I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember and I am also a professional botanical artist. Sketching is the balance in my life. I love to travel and what better way to do it than to record the people and places in my sketches. Travel sketching combines a holiday with sketching.
Teaching others and sharing my skills and knowledge gives me enjoyment and satisfaction. As well as teaching workshops I also take sketching groups away, both in Australia and overseas. I have been the only Australian artist invited to teach at the renowned and prestigious Marlborough College in Wiltshire, England. My sketches have also been published in magazines.
I run an Online Travel Sketching course which helps participants keep motivated and inspired, and teaches them every aspect of sketching. My six module course notes can be put together to form a book, with a cover and contents page included in the course. There is more information, examples and step by step instructions than any other sketching book on the market.
Having travelled to 4 countries, I am always looking for new and exciting places to take to take my groups. I look for unique locations that offer amazing sketching opportunities and are not too expensive.
Sketching is about capturing your memories of people and places and recording these in your sketchbook. When looking back over your sketches, you will find they can bring back instant recall – of the type of day it was, aromas from local cooking, and even people you have met and the foods you have eaten.
I have a newsletter (you can subscribe on the home page) and a blog where I love to share the places I have been and what I have been doing. The newsletter is full of hints and tips, information on upcoming tours and lots of sketches I have done with recent travels.